What Is SMS Marketing And How It Can Help You

What is SMS marketing? It is a business promotion method to send SMS’s targeting a certain audience. By following certain rules and strategies, this tool can turn out to be a great technique to boost your business and get access to potential customers.

Short Message Service or SMS as all of us are aware are text messages sent to and from mobile phones. SMS marketing is a powerful marketing tool used in businesses that involves creating a record of mobile numbers and then sending promotional messages to those numbers in the form of SMS. However there are certain compliances laid down by ACMA for creating these lists which mainly talk about the recipient’s consent to be included in your lists.

SMS marketing allows you to reach out to mostly young people between 18 to 29 years old who are always on the lookout for what is popular and in fashion all the time. SMS marketing unlike other mass media comes with an interesting twist. It allows you to hold a conversation with your potential customers. This allows your direct influence over the target market to grow manifold. You can now speak more persuasively and generate more revenue for less cost when compared to radio and television.

The first step in SMS marketing is obtaining permission of the recipient. The recipient should want to receive your message and also find it useful. Consent may be of two types:

Express Consent- On a web subscription form, an opt-in checkbox must be offered. The person interested in receiving your messages must opt for the checkbox indicating his intention to get your messages. In case of an offline form or a survey, you can send messages only if they have specifically ticked against the box which asks if they would like to be contacted via email or SMS. In case someone gives you a business card and mentions that you contact them, you could do so. If it was dropped off at a trade show etc. there must specifically be an indication to be contacted by SMS.

Inferred consent- If you maintain a business relationship with the owner of say a club member or a service provider, then the consent to send messages to such number is implied. In case of work related numbers or numbers published on websites or in journals and publications, the consent is inferred.

Since most recipients want to receive only meaningful messages, SMS marketing should be done with good intention as you do not want to waste anybody’s time. Numbers may be added either manually or through a website providing the check box for opting SMS or by sending an SMS to a committed response number. A successful SMS marketing campaign tries to induce the public to join the list by offering prizes at a competition or conducting a survey or offering future discounts and sales or promising to send only relevant information.

With the SMS delivery solutions it is possible for people to meet targets at a rapid scale. Business can be expanded and solutions can be reached with this service. Its introduction has boosted the level of confidence among business people. It is used by professionals as an ideal means to lure in customers for their products as well as services. The SMS service is looked at as a means to expand business with many self-employed people making use of this technology to start their own business.

This system can be used by anyone as it is simple and effective. It directly communicates and so senders can easily send messages to their customers. The user-friendliness of the system is what makes it very easy for people to get used to the system. It is effective and messages can be delivered very easily to clients. It can be accessed on computers as well as mobile phones. This service is rated to be very superior.

Certain general rules to be followed in SMS marketing include adding the person’s name in the message, identifying yourself, revealing how you received the message etc. It has become necessary for an opt-out option to be included in any commercial SMS. These days the standard followed is to let people reply with a ‘Stop’ message. Techniques to generate interest from recipients include adding a mobile URL to your message, including a response keyword to get automated response from recipients and setting up a process to confirm orders via responses.

So, this method of marketing is really beneficial for users who can send messages at an extremely low rate. The users find it very beneficial as now one can reach out to people in any city or country as may be the requirement. Thus marketing of products can be done at distant places of the world. Companies can advertise their products and services with this SMS delivery solution. It is possible for people to send the company information as well as product information with messages. Thus, the SMS gateways serve as an ideal means to send messages to customers.