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How do you define utilitarianism?
Black holes
is normality a deviation?
Free will, determinism, quantum mechanics …
Is God there?

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Following a conversation with the intendent of the Swedish Prison Museum, the idea of ​​having a theme discussion with a philosophical starting point regarding crime and detention came about. It would be interesting to talk about the view of prison / crime based on historical perspectives, in the present time and where we are heading. Michel Foucault is central. Our view of the criminals reflects our current view of life. Morality, existentialism, utilitarianism and the free will, the touchpoints become a lot to this subject and we are forced to take a practical position. Penalty or care? The views are different, but why? Philosophy can explain the concepts here and show why we think differently. Here is the underground “crime”.

Examples of topics for inspiration:

Does he deserve to die?
Crime and punishment.
Neoliberalism – punishment.
Street Violence.
Penalty = Therapy for the public

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